St Budeaux Cycling Club

Founded 1896

Affiliated to British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials

Minutes of St Budeaux Cycling Club’s Annual General Meeting
held on 25 November 2019
St. Pancras Church Hall, Honicknowle Lane, Plymouth, PL2 3QT

1.         Apologies:

Apologies had been received from Bruce & Susann Burton, Terry & Sue Casey, Helen Ould,  Helen Ballantyne, Sue Jennings, Graham Knipe, Roger Turner, Mike Everett, Paul Whiting, and Jo Turpin.

Attendees: Louise Mack, Mike Vine, Hywel Evans, Sian Evans, Jim  Jennings, Colin Steer, Greg Mack, Dave Skinner, John Jane, David Jane and Jon Price.

2.         Chairperson’s Opening Remarks:

Hywel welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked his fellow committee members, Mike & Louise, for their work during the year as Treasurer and Secretary.  He also thanked Greg and Louise for leading the majority of the rides over the year.  Several members had ridden as a Club on an Audax in Wales, enjoyed a trip to France staying near Morlaix for a week and on return took part in the Devon Delight Audax.  Club members had also enjoyed the Christmas meal at the Dartmoor Diner  and the monthly Club social nights held at various pubs with good food

Hywel reported that the Club had 33 members, some of whom had enjoyed a successful trip to France to watch the Tour de France with a further trip to Majorca taking place in May 2019.  Club members were also enjoying regular rides on Thursdays as well as Sundays, social nights and a Christmas event.

3/4.    Minutes of Annual General Meeting 19th November 2018 and Matters Arising:

These had previously been distributed to all members and as there were no matters arising, all passed nem con and the Minutes were signed by Hywel Evans

5.         Acceptance of reports from the following:

(a)       General Secretary                              Louise Mack
(b)       Treasurer                                              Mike Vine
(c)       Cycling Time Trials Secretary          Louise Mack
(d)       British Cycling Secretary                  Louise Mack
(e)       Audax Secretary                                Roger Turner
(f)        Website Manager                              Mike Vine
(g)       Child Protection Officer                    Siân Evans

General Secretary: Louise had nothing to report but asked if there was anybody who would like the role as she was also the unofficial Social Secretary and only took on the role of General Secretary temporarily until somebody else came forward.

Treasurer: Mike presented detailed accounts (a copy of which had been distributed to members two weeks prior to the AGM) and reported that the Club had a healthy bank balance.  However Mike pointed out the following which were discussed under AOB:
Membership was down from 33 members last year to 25
£150 received from HSBC
£10 unclaimed drinks bill from Christmas meal.

CTT Secretary: Louise reported that there was still no interest in running time trials and that she hadn’t seen a renewal application.

BC Secretary: Louise reported that the annual renewal had recently benn completed.

Audax Secretary: Roger had phoned Louise the prior evening to say that he was happy that members were completing addaxes as a club and there was no outright winner of the trophy this year. 

Website Manager: Mike reported that he had successfully regained our old domain name so there was no need to consider changing the website address advertised on our Club cycling kit.

Child Protection Officer:  Siân confirmed that she can stay in this role for another two years but after that the Club would need to pay for her to complete a course.

6.         Election of Officers for 2020:

President:  Roger Turner was nominated by Louise Mack and seconded by everyone at the meeting.

Chairperson:  Hywel Evans was nominated by Colin Steer and seconded by Greg Mack.

General Secretary: Louise Mack was nominated by John Price and seconded by Hywel Evans.

Treasurer: Mike Vine was nominated by Siân Evans and seconded by Jim Jennings.

Website Manager: Mike Vine was nominated by Siân Evans and seconded by Jim Jennings.

Facebook Manager: Louise Mack – new position created as the website and Facebook were completed by the same person previously and are now split between two people.

CTT Secretary & BC Secretary: as these were roles which involved renewals and payment Mike Vine offered to take these on.

7.         Appointment of Auditors for 2019-20:
Mike confirmed that Colonel Roger Howard had audited this year’s accounts  and would be happy to continue to audit our accounts

8.         Any Other Business:

Storage of Time Trial Equipment
Colin said that he had a lot of the Club’s archives which could make interesting reading as the Club had been going since 1923 with a break for the war years.  Louise had discussed this previously with Hywel and a suggestion was made to scan them for prosperity and safety.  A meeting will be scheduled at Colin’s house for Hywel, Colin and anybody else who would like to attend to go through these in the first instance and report back to the Club members on possible action.

Terry said that in order to attract new members and for members to post rides, the Club needed a working website.  At the moment our website domain name goes to an error page so the first course of action was to re-acquire this and Hywel volunteered to look into this.  Mike volunteered to be the new Website Manager although if it involved WordPress he may need some guidance setting it up but would probably be okay maintaining it.  Louise mentioned that she maintains her workplace website using WordPress but an IT expert set it up.  Louise suggested we could approach Graham Lang to help us out on a paid concern if necessary as the Club had sufficient funds.

Louise said that herself and Sue Jennings were able to carry out minor editing duties on the Facebook page but that she couldn’t make any major changes or invite all members to events as the existing Club Facebook was a page of Mike Dacosta’s personal Facebook.  We may need to create an independent Facebook account for the Club which could involve a regular fee, and Louise offered to look into this.

Hywel confirmed that he still had many items of Club kit for sale, including the ‘Captain Scarlet’ type gilets that only Sian seemed to be able to model without looking like someone who left the clothes hanger in!  If anybody wants to try one of these we are giving them away free of charge to members.  A 3-week window for Club kit orders has to be opened so if anybody is after kit that Hywel doesn’t have in stock please let him.  There is a minimum number of kit orders that have to be placed before an order can be fulfilled.

Social Events
Sue Jennings thanked Louise for arranging the monthly Club member nights and Christmas ride.

Louise mentioned that she had recently read the Club’s Constitution which was last revised in 2013 and that it would probably need updating for social media and GDPR.  Any amendments to the Constitution would need to be made at an Extraordinary General meeting.  Hywel asked if British Cycling could provide a draft Constitution for us to use and Louise said she was sure she had seen it on their website and would investigate it.

Cycling Time Trials
Louise had brought along the annual report and statement of accounts 2018 for Cycling Time Trials.  Louise will forward a copy to members upon request.

British Cycling
Louise also brought along two types of membership forms for British Cycling which provides liability insurance, legal support and retail benefits; one which can be used by members to join at a discounted rate and another to renew at the existing rate.  Louise will scan the leaflets and email members.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20:28.